Baseball Display Cases

Protect and preserve your baseball memorabilia with a baseball display case. Depending upon the item you may need a baseball display case, baseball jersey display case, a baseball bat display case, or a frame for baseball photographs. Baseball cases are manufactured out of acrylic or glass, both of which provide excellent UV rays protection. Your baseball memorabilia display case will provide a beautiful way to display your item as well as keep it free of dust and fingerprints.

About Baseball Display Cases

For memorabilia collectors, there is a part of collecting that goes hand-in-hand with every item they may have; display cases. For autographed baseballs in particular, owning an autographed MLB baseball is just the first part of it. Having a solid baseball display case to place your product in for appeal and prevention from wear and tear could possibly be even more important.

Keeping your signed baseball in a display case will most importantly keep it from being touched by hands and fingers. Every time your ball is touched, whether it is by yourself or a friend, the value is depleting. It is very easy for the autograph to smudge or wear off without proper protection that a baseball display case provides.

Autographed baseball display cases can be purchased in memorabilia stores or online anywhere from $20 to $75 dollars depending on quality. A good baseball display case is usually a glass cube that rests on a wooden base. Most acrylic baseball display cases will have acrylic bases, which look much nicer than just a glass case with nothing for it to stand on. In general, the case will have a glove or a half circle for your baseball to rest on. It is important to have the signature of the ball facing outward toward the eyes of others as well as keeping it properly centered.

Whether you are planning on keeping your ball or trying to sell it, a baseball in a display case will always be worth more due to its minimal contact with dust, hands, fingers and dirt. You want to be sure that if your display case for your baseball is on a shelf or ledge, that there is not too much light directly hitting it for significant amount of time. This will face the ink off the ball easier and quicker than those left in rooms with dim or minimal lighting. Some baseball display cases will provide the name of the player whose autograph it is, as well as the team name engraved right on the case. This is a great way to show off your item and will help you get more for your ball if you are trying to sell it someday.

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